Hi Babe,

I am Blonde Sweet and Sophisticated, Petite body type, I am only 115 pounds but I have a Bootyliscious Figure with 32D Breast. I am 5.7 tall with long legs that gives me a Classy, Elegant look. I have Blonde hair, Shoulder length with Brown eyes. I am European and 26 years old.

I am highly Passionate and Sensitive person. There is so much more to see than my Exterior. I intend our meeting to be more than just physical. I believe a meeting without Connection and Passion is Time wasted. There is much more to connect on and so many level to me that it would be such a waste of time to spend quality time without Connecting. I am a Sweetheart, I am Sensual and embodying Feminity, Dignity and your Fantasies is my Priority. I hope you can see that pass my Pictures and Looks. I also always Strive to be and do Better.

I would also love to get to know you more. That would be my pleasure. Every Person I meet is an Opportunity for me and a Delight to be welcomed to your World.

I would love to know your Kinks and Desires and see if we are a Good Fit.
Of course I offer Girlfriend experience meetings, I intend for it to be as close to a real life setting than it would have been if we would have met in other Circumstances. The donation is just a detail that I want discreet, I am sharing my person with you. Information shared with me is totally Private and I respect you as a Person.

My most important requirement is Respect. No Encounters is ever possible without it. I do not want to meet with Selfish people whose only desires are to see me as a meaning to an end neither I am interested in shallow Conversations.

Once we meet, I expect normal basic Hygiene measures to be respected. My Incall is Clean. I take highly care of myself, I expect you to do the same for respect for me and yourself. I truly enjoy sharing Wine or Sparking Wine with you, but No Drugs is ever permitted. I am totally open to Outfit Request. Usually I always wear Heals, and a Classy wear to welcome you and my Favorite Scent. Let me know of any Preferences I should know beforehand, so there is no Surprise or deception on your Side and that both our Expectations are met. 

No Great Encounters is ever possible without us being Open to each other. I would be looking forward to Hear more from you and to See you. Please share any Worries or Inquiries with me that you might have. I will do my best to reply to you and your interrogations and make you feel Comfortable.


Brit xo


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